Auto Repair Services in Apex, NC

At Apex AutoWorks, Inc. we offer a wide range of car repair services for European, Asian and domestic vehicles. All of our work is performed by ASE Certified/Master Technicians. All work meets the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Our domestic and imported auto repair services include but aren’t limited to:

Computer/Electrical Diagnostics

Apex AutoWorks is up to date with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment needed to help our technicians troubleshoot problems with your vehicle’s electrical system.

Manufacturer scheduled mileage maintenance intervals

Following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended mileage maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle running safely and smoothly. Apex AutoWorks works with you to ensure you’re on schedule.

Oil Changes

Visit Apex AutoWorks to make your next oil change; it’s a no-brainer!


Brakes are a crucial safety feature; pay close attention to the health of your brakes. We inspect and make any necessary repairs.

A/C Ventilation and Compressor Service

Air conditioning and ventilation keep you comfortable. Our technicians inspect and troubleshoot your air conditioning ventilation and compressor belt systems to ensure there are no leaks or damage.

Fuel/Air Induction Service

Fuel and air induction services ensure your car’s fuel tank and air induction systems are clean and clear of blockages.

Lubrication and Fuel Deposit Control Service

Fuel and air induction services ensure your car’s fuel tank and air induction systems are clean and clear of blockages.

Power Steering Service

A simple power steering flush can extend the life of your vehicle and prevent future fluid leaks.

Transmission Service

Our transmission service will achieve smoother shifting and increase the longevity of your domestic or imported car.

Nationwide Warranty

When you have service and repairs performed at a TECHNET Professional Automotive Service® center, you’re covered by a Nationwide Warranty. The Nationwide Warranty ensures worry-free driving and extends across North America, providing vehicle protection on qualifying service and repairs.
To learn more, please visit the site here

Timing Belts

Maintaining your timing belt and replacing when recommended are crucial to maintaining the power and lifespan of your vehicle.

2-Wheel and 4-Wheel Alignments

Over time, it’s typical for wheels to become misaligned, due to potholes, speed bumps and car accidents. Wheel alignments ensure the wheels are properly positioned, increasing the safety and longevity of your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Program

If you are in need of roadside assistance, Apex AutoWorks can help. Call us today to learn more about our roadside assistance program.


Shocks and struts that endure a great deal of wear and tear are less able to control your vehicle, resulting in a bumpier ride. Let the technicians at Apex AutoWorks ensure a smooth ride.

Custom Wheels

Equipping your vehicle with custom wheels can enhance both its performance and look. Talk to our technicians about custom wheel options that work for you.


Regularly having your tires inspected can make a big difference when it comes to the performance, longevity and mileage. Apex AutoWorks checks the treadwear, pressure and alignment of your tires and can repair any damage.


Radiators keep the engine of your vehicle cool. Regularly maintain and repair your vehicle’s radiator to ensure its health and your safety.

Front/Rear Differentials

In order to keep your vehicle running well, differential fluids should be replaced at regular intervals.

Exhaust/Muffler Replacement

Safety and Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Apex AutoWorks offers safety and vehicle inspections. Prior to purchasing your vehicle, our technicians will prepare your car to meet the state’s operation and safety requirements.

CV Joints

Having your vehicle’s CV joints regularly inspected and maintained ensures dirt and grime won’t wear down the joints of your vehicle.

Belts and Hoses

We offer both repair and replacement services.

Custom Exhaust

Apex Autoworks has experience in providing custom exhaust services for a wide range of imported and domestic vehicles. Whether your exhaust system needs to be repaired or replaced, our technicians will get you the results you need.

If you’re experiencing issues with your imported or domestic vehicle, please contact us by calling 919.362.0229.